Are you looking for qualified production employees for your company? Eastern European countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary etc. offer a good opportunity to find suitable assistants for production and manufacturing.

Find production employees from Eastern Europe

Eastern European countries offer many advantages when it comes to recruiting new employees for production. On the one hand, there is a great potential of well-trained workers with experience in various industries. People are often motivated, work hard and can be deployed flexibly.

Another plus point is the often high qualifications of Eastern European employees. In recent years, many Polish universities have specialized in technical courses and produced young engineers. They could have exactly the expertise you need for your production.

Looking for production employees? We provide the best production helpers from abroad

We, at Zeitarbeit International s.r.o.,, specialize in the search and selection of qualified production employees, packers, sorters, order pickers, Shift workers, assembly workers etc. from Poland , Turkey and Eastern Europe. Every operation has unique production staffing needs and we work closely with our customers to ensure we find exactly the right candidates. We have access to a large pool of hard-working production employees from Eastern Europe and use a variety of resources such as job boards, social media and our own network of contacts in the industry.

Through our careful pre-selection process, we ensure that all applicants have relevant experience and can meet our high standards. Our aim is not just to provide a production worker - but to create the perfect match between the employer company & the new employee! So if you are looking for motivated temporary workers from Eastern Europe or simply want to find out more about what we can offer you - contact us today!

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With us as your partner, you can quickly and cost-effectively find hard-working production workers for almost all industries: Food industry, Textile industry, warehouse & logistics, Packaging industry:

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Order picker
Production assistant in assembly
Warehouse helper
Production assistant food production
Packers, sorters
Warehouse helper
Electronics production assistant
Machine and plant operators/production employees
Confectioner, baker or production assistant
Personal a just 3 steps work him for productions Oste
Production assistant in the assembly department

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