Temporary work production & manufacturing is the perfect solution for companies that want to increase their productivity and save costs at the same time. You can use temporary product workers on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the needs of your company. We take care of all administrative tasks related to the employment of temporary workers - this way we relieve you of additional work.

Advantages of temporary employment in production

Manufacturing companies often face challenges such as seasonal fluctuations or sudden order peaks and therefore need flexible staff. By working with temporary employment agencies in production and manufacturing, you always have the right staff on hand - just as you need them. In addition, the highly qualified specialists at temporary employment agencies have extensive know-how and many years of experience in the area of ​​production and manufacturing. You can overcome any challenge and bring a breath of fresh air into the company.

Another big advantage of temporary employment in production and manufacturing is its cost efficiency: You only pay for the hours actually worked, without having to worry about long contracts or high personnel costs - a clear advantage over conventional forms of employment.

Speed ​​also plays a big role: In a fast-moving industry, you have to be able to react to market changes at lightning speed. Thanks to the additional staff immediately accessible through the service, you can achieve a clear competitive advantage.

In addition, temporary work in production and manufacturing also offers reliability: Employees can be carefully selected so that they are always ready to provide support in the event of short-term bottlenecks or long-term projects.

Zeitarbeit International

Optimize your production and manufacturing processes with our temporary employment agency, which specializes in hiring out workers for production and manufacturing. Our service offers you the opportunity to flexibly deploy qualified workers from Poland and Eastern Europe and thus increase your productivity.

Our temporary workers from abroad have extensive experience in production and manufacturing and are familiar with the latest technologies and processes. You can rely on our employees to complete their tasks efficiently and precisely.

Thanks to our extensive application and selection process, we can offer you production assistants, manufacturing employees, packers, sorters, warehouse workers or order pickers who are perfectly tailored to your requirements. We take into account not only the professional qualifications, but also the personal characteristics of each individual employee. This is how we ensure that you fit perfectly into your team.

Our service is extremely flexible. You can use our temporary staff for short-term bottlenecks or long-term projects. We offer you tailor-made solutions for your individual needs.

Production & manufacturing personnel from Eastern Europe

We place temporary workers from Eastern Europe, German-speaking production workers, auxiliary workers for industry, production & manufacturing for the automobile industryFood industryTextile industry, warehouse and Packaging industry. From packers to warehouse workers, pickers, bottlers, bakers, sorters, they offer a wide range of skills and knowledge that can have a positive impact on any business:

  • Packers, sorters
  • Electronics production assistant
  • Machine and plant operators/production employees
  • Confectioner, baker or production assistant
  • Personal a just 3 steps work him for productions Oste
  • Production assistant in the assembly department
  • Assembly line worker
  • Production employee
  • Bottler
  • Order picker
  • Production assistant in assembly
  • Warehouse helper
  • Production assistant food production

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