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Production and manufacturing at full speed: Success with temporary workers from Eastern Europe, the Baltics and third countries

Temporary workers from abroad are an increasingly common phenomenon in today's globalized working world. Companies are increasingly employing workers from other countries in order to react more flexibly to fluctuations in orders and shortages of skilled workers. But what does this mean for the affected employees and their rights? How is remuneration regulated? And what impact does this have on the German labor market? We will explain these and other questions about temporary workers from abroad in this article. 

Foreign temporary workers come from various countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or from the Baltic States. They are often recruited by placement agencies and brought to Germany.

When employing foreign temporary workers, the rights and obligations should be taken into account in order to prevent exploitation and abuse.

Rights of temporary workers from abroad

The rights of temporary workers from Eastern Europe and other EU countries may vary depending on the laws and regulations in both the home country and the host country. It is important to note that international temporary employment is often accompanied by complex legal and regulatory aspects. Here are some general points that may affect the rights of temporary workers from abroad:

  1. Employment contract: temporary workers are entitled to a clear employment contract that sets out the terms of their employment. This should cover salary, working hours, holiday entitlement, notice periods and other relevant working conditions.

  2. Equal treatment: many countries have laws designed to ensure that temporary workers are treated equally to permanent employees, particularly with regard to compensation, working conditions and other benefits.

  3. Occupational safety and health: temporary workers have the right to safe and healthy working conditions. This also includes access to protective equipment and training to minimize accidents and health risks.

  4. Social benefits: in some countries, temporary foreign workers are entitled to certain social benefits, such as health insurance, pension insurance and other social protection. This may vary depending on the laws of each country.

  5. Vacation and relaxation: temporary workers are usually entitled to vacation and rest, and the conditions should be set out in the employment contract.

  6. Legal regulations in the host country: the rights of temporary workers from abroad are often also influenced by the laws of the host country. It is important to stay informed about local labor laws and regulations.

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The advantages of temporary workers from abroad: flexibility, expertise and motivation

Hiring temporary workers from abroad can offer various advantages for companies. Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Flexibility: temporary work allows companies to adapt flexibly to fluctuating workloads and seasonal needs. By having access to a pool of foreign temporary workers, companies can respond quickly to changes in demand.

  2. Specialized Skills: temporary workers from abroad may bring specific qualifications and skills that may not be available in the local labor market. This is particularly relevant for companies that need to access expertise in certain areas at short notice.

  3. Cost efficiency: temporary work can be cost-effective for companies because they only pay for the hours actually worked and not for additional benefits such as health insurance, vacation or other benefits that are often provided to permanent employees.

  4. Quick response to project requirements: companies can respond quickly to new projects or business opportunities by hiring temporary workers from abroad without making long-term commitments.

  5. International perspectives and diversity: hiring temporary workers from different countries can lead to a more diverse and internationally oriented work environment. This can promote cultural exchange and strengthen innovative strength in the company.

  6. Risk reduction: in some cases, the temporary employment agency that provides the temporary workers takes on certain legal and administrative tasks. This can reduce the liability risk for the borrowing company.

However, it is important to emphasize that hiring temporary workers from abroad can also present challenges, including possible language barriers, cultural differences and the need to ensure that working conditions comply with legal requirements in both the origin and destination countries. Fairness in the remuneration and treatment of temporary workers is also of great importance. Companies should carefully review local laws and regulations and ensure that they employ ethical practices when employing temporary workers from abroad. We at Zeitarbeit International will be happy to support you with all questions relating to temporary employment from abroad and help you find suitable personnel from Eastern Europe and other EU countries for industry and production.

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