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We provide support staff from Eastern Europe for warehouse & logistics

Looking for a forklift driver or warehouse helper from Eastern Europe? We, at Zeitarbeit International, are recruiting auxiliary workers from Eastern Europe. With over 25 years of experience in international temporary employment we are able to recruit reliable and competent employees from abroad to find. Forklift drivers play an important role in logistics and warehouse operations. Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, the logistics industry often lacks qualified workers. That's why many companies are looking for workers in Eastern Europe.

Are you also looking for qualified warehouse helpers, forklift drivers, packers and employees for logistics? Then you should definitely take a look at Eastern European specialists. Forklift drivers in particular, who are often urgently needed in this sector, can be an enormous asset to your company thanks to their expertise.

Forklift driver - tasks

We provide forklift drivers from Poland and Eastern Europe for numerous tasks in the warehouse:

  1. Material transport: our forklift drivers are responsible for transporting materials such as pallets of goods, raw materials or products within the warehouse.

  2. Loading and unloading: they unload goods from trucks or other means of transportation and load them for dispatch. 

  3. Storage: forklift drivers stack and organize goods in the warehouse. They ensure that storage is efficient and that the goods remain easily accessible.

  4. Inventory control: forklift drivers are responsible for monitoring inventory. 

  5. Maintenance: forklift drivers from Eastern Europe are also responsible for basic maintenance of their vehicle, such as checking oil and water levels.

Warehouse personnel from Eastern Europe

Forklift drivers & warehouse staff from Eastern European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine are no longer uncommon in Germany. So if you are looking for reliable warehouse helpers or need specialized forklift drivers for your company, you should consider the option the temporary employment from Eastern Europe should definitely be considered. Benefit from our experience and the advantages of highly qualified and motivated workers from Eastern Europe.

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Zeitarbeit International specializes in the placement of qualified and hard-working workers from Poland and Eastern Europe. We offer employee leasing & work contracts and arrange:

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Wir bieten Arbeitnehmerüberlassung von Personal aus Osteuropa

Temporary employment (also personnel leasing or temporary work is a flexible personnel instrument that is specifically was developed to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. We, at Zeitarbeit International, specialize in the temporary employment of qualified specialists and hard-working production helpers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania , Baltic States and the Ukraine. Thanks to our large network in Eastern Europe, we can quickly and easily assign the right employees for industry and production to companies. This enables companies to react quickly to personnel shortages and to make optimal use of their production capacities.

Temporary employment in Eastern Europe - advantages

A big advantage of international temporary employment or personnel leasing from Eastern Europe is that responsibility for administrative tasks such as payroll or vacation planning lies with the placement agency lies. This significantly reduces the administrative effort for the company.

In addition, hired forklift drivers also benefit from this form of employment. Not only will you receive a permanent employment contract with all the relevant social benefits, but you will also have the opportunity for further training and professional development.

Working with Eastern European specialists brings many advantages – both for companies and for employees like you. Through efficient and flexible personnel management, companies can increase their competitiveness. Are you looking for forklift drivers in Temporary work or subcontractors for your business? Then ask us! We hire out personnel for industry and production. Contact us today!

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