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Are you looking for workers from Turkey as temporary workers or subcontractors? We, at Zeitarbeit International, support companies in recruiting highly qualified workers from Turkey and thus increasing their competitiveness. Because we are convinced that every employee is valuable and that working with talented people from different countries and cultures is an important step towards a global community.

Through our human resources services we enable companies to bring workers from Turkey in a fair and transparent way. We offer employee leasing, work contracts, on-site management. Our experts work closely with our clients to ensure they find the best workers for their needs.

We provide Turkish workers for various jobs:

Tsemporary workers aus Türkei finden:

  1. Inquire about temporary workers from Turkey by phone +49 24038092219 or by Inquiry form

  2. We create a non-binding offer

  3. We search for suitable candidates, take care of contracts, approvals 

  4. Legally compliant temporary employment, accommodation and transportation to the place of work

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Bringing workers out of Turkey

Bringing workers from Turkey as temporary workers or subcontractors can be a win- Be a win situation for companies and employees. On the one hand, companies in Germany could benefit from qualified workers from Turkey, who may be more cost-effective than their German counterparts. On the other hand, Turkish workers would have the opportunity to improve their income and gain valuable work experience abroad. However, it is important to emphasize that leasing labor from Turkey should not be viewed as a replacement for local skilled workers. Rather, it should help to meet the need for temporary workers in certain industries in the short term.

Find workers from Turkey – measures:

In order to address potential temporary workers from Turkey, targeted measures should be taken:

  • Job fairs or information events on site 
  • Online recruiting campaigns. 
  • Collaboration with Turkish educational institutions or professional associations could prove helpful.

Overall, recruiting temporary workers from Turkey offers an interesting opportunity to resolve the personnel shortage in companies and at the same time provide new impetus for cooperation within a company. However, careful planning and open communication between everyone involved is required to successfully implement this option.

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Requirements for Turkish employees

The requirements for Turkish workers in Germany depend on various factors, including nationality, residence status and type of employment. Here is some basic information to keep in mind:

  1. Work permit:

    • As non-EU citizens, workers from Turkey usually need a work permit. There are different types of residence permits that can be applied for depending on the employment relationship.
  2. Visa:

    • Turkish workers usually need a visa to enter Germany. The visa depends on the reason for your stay, e.g. E.g. work, study or family reunification. With the job search visa, you can stay for up to six months to look for work.
  3. Linguistic proficiency:

    • Depending on the type of job, it may be necessary to demonstrate certain knowledge of German, especially if the work requires communication with colleagues, customers or others.
  4. Qualifications:

    • Depending on the professional field and employer, certain qualifications or professional experience may be required.
  5. Social security and taxes:

    • Employees from Turkey must have social insurance in Germany. This applies to health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and long-term care insurance. The costs are usually borne jointly by the employee and employer.
    • Employees also have to pay taxes. There are different tax classes to consider.
  6. Employment contract:

    • A written employment contract is required and should contain the most important terms and conditions of employment, such as working hours, salary, holiday entitlement and notice periods.

Do you want to bring workers from Turkey? We support you with all questions relating to employee leasing, work contracts, permits. Contact us and become our partner!