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We provide German-speaking helpers, assembly line workers Production assistants for the automotive industry from Eastern Europe

We, at Zeitarbeit International , place production employees for the automotive industry from Eastern Europe: PolandCzech RepublicUkraine, Temporary workers from Turkeyei, Balticum and Romania. Our employees from abroad have production experience and flexibility , resilience, good knowledge of German. You are ready to work in a 2-shift system. Furthermore, Polish and Eastern European production assistants are technically skilled and physically resilient.

Our production employees in the automotive industry perform numerous tasks to ensure a smooth production process for vehicles. These tasks can vary depending on the specific area of automotive production and the requirements of your company. Here are some typical tasks that our production assistants can perform:

Production workers from abroad - an opportunity for the automotive industry

The automotive industry has been using production assistants from abroad for a very long time.They often bring with them a high level of experience that they have gained while working in other countries. As a result, they are ideally equipped for challenges and know how to work efficiently and precisely.

In addition, it is not only your company that benefits from this internationality, but also your existing employees. The exchange of different cultures often leads to a lively exchange of ideas and can therefore contribute to the further development of the entire team.

Of course, it is important to ensure that all legal requirements are met. Specialized agencies or contact points such as the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) can help you with this. Together, you can break down potential barriers and pave the way for successful collaboration with international workers.

Are you looking for production employees for the automotive industry? We, at Zeitarbeit International, offer International temporary employment from temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltics and Ukraine. Personal leasing Eastern Europe has been our business for over 25 years. With our experience at your side in temporary employment from Eastern Europe as well as our large network, you can quickly and promptly find hard-working production helpers for the automotive industry .

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Are you looking for production assistants in the automotive industry?

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Temporary work in the automotive industry

We provide reliable and experienced production workers for the automotive industry, food industry, textile industry from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania as well as Ukraine, Bulgaria, the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and others.Your advantages:

  1. Eliminating the shortage of skilled workers

  2. Exchange of specialized skills and experience in areas such as metalworking, mechanical engineering, electronics, textile industry.

  3. Increase in cost efficiency