Produktionsmitarbeiter in Lebensmittelindustrie

Are you looking for production workers in the food industry for bakeries, manufacturing plants, packaging plants, confectionery factories, frozen food factories or food processing plants?

We at Zeitarbeit International have the right staff for you! Hard-working temporary workers in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania are waiting for you to work as production employees . We provide production helpers for the food industry from Eastern Europe for bread and baked goods factories, Dairies, meat processing plants, canneries and beverage manufacturers.

Hilfskräfte aus dem Ausland

Manufacturing companies

Production workers from Eastern Europe work in bread and bakery factories, dairies, meat processing plants, canning factories and beverage manufacturers.

Produktionshelfer bäckerei


Production workers in bakeries are responsible for the production of bread, rolls, cakes and pastries. They prepare dough, bake and package the finished products.


Frozen food factories

 Production workers in the food industry help with the production, packaging and storage of frozen products.


Confectionery factories

Hard-working temporary workers Production workers from Poland and Slovakia are involved in the production, packaging and quality control of confectionery such as sweets, chocolate, cookies and other products.

produktionshelfer molkerei


 Production workers from Eastern Europe work in the manufacture of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and butter, milk processing and packaging 

Leiharbeiter aus Osteuropa für Lebensmittelindustrie

Due to a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, there is a lack of production workers in the food industry, which is why many companies are looking for production workers in other Eastern European countries. When hiring production workers from abroad, e.g. from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and other Eastern European countries, companies can expect several advantages:

  1. Compensating for labor shortages:In some regions of Germany and in certain industries, there may be a shortage of qualified workers, particularly for simple manual tasks. Hiring production workers from abroad can help to alleviate this labor shortage.

  2. Diversity and cultural diversity: Employing foreign factory workers can increase diversity in the workplace and bring in different cultural perspectives. This can enrich the working environment and contribute to a positive corporate culture.

  3. Flexibility: Foreign employees in production can often be more flexible in terms of working hours and work requirements. This can be an advantage for companies that need to adapt to seasonal fluctuations or irregular working hours.

  4. Professional competence: Some foreign manufacturing employees may bring specialized skills or experience that are in demand in certain industries or work areas. This can increase productivity and quality in production.

  5. Language skills: If foreign unskilled workers speak German or English, they will be able to communicate better with colleagues and superiors. This facilitates integration into the working environment.

  6. Cost efficiency: In some cases, foreign production workers can be hired at lower labor costs. This can be attractive for companies looking to reduce their production costs.

  7. Work ethic and commitment: Foreign production workers who come to Germany to work can often be highly motivated and dedicated. They are often willing to work hard and focus on their tasks.


Tasks of production assistants in the food industry

Production assistants in the food industry play a crucial role in the production of food. Their tasks vary depending on the type of food production, but can include the following:

  1. Preparation of the ingredients: Production assistants in the food industry are often responsible for preparing ingredients. This may include weighing, cutting, peeling, or mixing food ingredients.

  2. Production of food: You can work in the production of food, such as soups, sauces, pasta, baked goods, meat products or snacks. This includes mixing, kneading, stirring and cooking ingredients.

  3. Packaging: Production assistants often pack the food produced into the appropriate containers, be it cans, jars, bags or other forms of packaging.

  4. Quality control:They are responsible for monitoring the quality of food products and ensuring that they meet the specified standards and guidelines.

  5. Cleaning and hygiene: Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance in the food industry. Production workers must ensure that their work areas and equipment are kept clean to ensure food safety.

  6. Machine operation: In larger food companies, production assistants can also operate and maintain machines for food processing and packaging.

  7. Storage and shipping: Some production assistants may help with the storage of finished food and shipping preparations to ensure that products are delivered to distribution points on time.

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