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Verpacker, Sortierer aus Osteuropa

We provide experienced temporary workers from Poland, the Baltic States & Eastern Europe for the production, packaging and labeling of products and goods

Are you looking for packers, sorters, staff from Eastern Europe? The packaging industry is an important sector of the economy that is constantly evolving. In order to remain competitive and meet increasing demands, more and more companies are relying on collaboration with production helpers from Eastern Europe.
Workers from Poland and Eastern Europe are known for their high motivation and hard work. They work hard and efficiently to achieve the best possible result. The quality of their work is their top priority - after all, it's about producing products that meet the highest standards.

We, at Zeitarbeit International, provide packers, sorters, Production employees, production employees, factory workers for the packaging industry, Textile industry, Food industry, Automotive industry etc.  Our hard-working temporary workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania are responsible for the production, packaging and labeling of products and goods. Duties may vary depending on the position and specific workplace, but generally they include the following:

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  4. Legally compliant temporary employment, accommodation and transportation to the place of work

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Hilfskräfte aus dem Ausland

Are you looking for personnel from Eastern Europe?

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Temporary workers from abroad

Production helpers, helpers and workers from Eastern Europe work hard and efficiently to achieve the best possible result . The quality of their work is their top priority - after all, it's about making products. In addition, companies can save costs with production helpers from Eastern Europe, as the costs are often well below the average for other workers in Europe. This is mainly because wages in many Eastern European countries are even lower than in this country.
For many companies, Temporary work in production represents enormous cost savings - without having to accept any loss in performance or quality! So it's no wonder that more and more companies are relying on this type of employee!

To summarize: anyone who wants to be successful in the packaging industry today must be flexible - both in terms of their production and their employee structure.
And if you want to be successful in the long term, you should definitely consider whether productive middle and eastern workers could help you to future-proof your company!

Find production assistants for the packaging industry - with us as your partner!

With over 35 years of experience in hiring out production workers from Eastern Europe, we, as the leading temporary employment agency in Germany, have the necessary experience and expertise to find skilled workers from abroad for your company. We connect German companies with companies in Eastern Europe. Do you have staffing problems? You have a large order but there aren't enough staff available? Then use our personnel services, as we work with many relevant temporary employment agencies in Eastern Europe and can make you a suitable offer.

Arbeitnehmerüberlassung aus Osteuropa ist eine effektive und kosteneffiziente Lösung, um den steigenden Anforderungen des Arbeitsmarktes gerecht zu werden. Unternehmen können von der hohen Motivation und dem Arbeitsmoral der osteuropäischer Arbeitskräfte profitieren, ohne dabei Abstriche bei Qualität oder Effizienz hinnehmen zu müssen.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit osteuropäischen Helfern ermöglicht es Betrieben außerdem flexibler auf Nachfrage-Veränderungen reagieren zu können: Durch die Möglichkeit kurzfristige Personalengpässe schnell auszugleichen kann ein kontinuierlicher Produktionsprozess gewährleisten werden - das erhöht nicht nur die Kundenzufriedenheit sondern auch langfristig gesehen den Erfolg des Unternehmens!
Insgesamt bietet sich für viele Verpackungsunternehmen durch die Kooperation mit Ostarbeitern somit eine Chance ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit nachhaltig zu stärken!

Sind Sie interessiert? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns! Unsere Personalexperten helfen Ihnen notwendiges Personal für Verpackung, Sortierung, Herstellung und Kennzeichnung von Waren zu finden.