Workers from Ukraine

We place German-speaking workers from Ukraine for industry & production, unskilled workers & production workers

Do you want to employ workers from Ukraine? Reliable skilled workers and unskilled workers from Ukraine for factories and industry are a good choice for companies looking for qualified workers. Many refugees from Ukraine work as production assistants in food production, textile factoriespackaging industry and therefore also have a chance for a better life. By employing Ukrainian employees, companies can not only optimize their production processes, but also make a contribution to the integration and support of Ukrainian refugees. We place temporary workers from Eastern Europe for production and manufacturing, workers Ukraine for customers in industry, food Industry, textile Industry a> as well as packaging industry , warehouse and logistics.

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  2. We create a non-binding offer

  3. We search for suitable candidates, take care of contracts, approvals 

  4. Legally secure Temporary employment, accommodation and transport to the place of work.

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Employ unskilled workers from Ukraine in production

Unskilled workers from Ukraine have extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, food production and textile processing and can therefore quickly take part in various production processes. They work conscientiously and precisely, thereby contributing to increasing quality standards.
In addition, Ukrainian employees are characterized by their high level of motivation. Because they have a great interest in constantly expanding their knowledge and taking on new challenges. 

Unskilled workers from Ukraine speak German because they take part in migration courses and are therefore able to communicate well in German. This facilitates communication within the company and promotes smooth collaboration.

Do you want to employ workers from Ukraine? Zeitarbeit International supports you in this. With us you get qualified employees from abroad as well hard-working helpers for industry, production & logistics.

We at Zeitarbeit International have production helpers from all areas: production, logistics, automotive industry and food industry. Ask us without obligation!

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Zeitarbeit International - your personnel service provider

Zeitarbeit International is your experienced and reliable partner when it comes to unskilled workers from Ukraine, temporary workers and production helpers from Eastern Europe goes. We have the experience and offer our customers temporary workers from Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Slovakia, Turkey right up to the staff from the Baltics. Personal leasing Eastern Europe has been our business for years. With our experience at your side when it comes to temporary employment from Eastern Europe, you are in good hands.

We offer you your concept for employee leasing in Eastern Europe, personnel outsourcing and recruitment from Eastern Europe.

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Placement of Ukrainian workers - fair & reliable

Our vision is to create a temporary employment agency that is fair and reliable. We believe that every person deserves the right to a fair chance - regardless of their origin or nationality. That's why we have specialized in placing workers from Ukraine and thus giving them a perspective in Germany.

We attach great importance to fairness and transparency. Our placement processes are clearly structured and comprehensible. We only work with reputable companies that meet our high standards of reliability and competence.

Our goal is not only to place unskilled workers from Ukraine, but also to build long-term relationships. We support our employees with all questions relating to their working life in Germany and promote their integration into society.

Are you interested in working with us? Contact us and become our partner!