Fach- & Hilfskräfte aus Rumänien

Wir vermitteln deutschsprachige Arbeitskräfte für Industrie & Produktion aus Rumänien & Osteuropa

Zeitarbeit International provides you with hard-working assistants and specialists from Romania and Eastern Europe for production and manufacturing, storage, cleaning, assembly and transport. Our temporary workers from Eastern Europe, seasonal workers and production employees from Romania and Eastern Europe work in all economic sectors and industries: in food industry, textile industrypackaging industry, automotive industry, warehouse & logistics. They are very popular because of their hard work and reliability. Our Eastern European production employees have been working for our customers all over Europe for years, whether to cover production peaks or to support large projects.

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Tsemporary workers aus Romania finden

Zeitarbeit International places temporary workers from Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Balticum, workers from the Turkey as well as the production assistant from Ukraine. Our temporary production helpers from Romania and Eastern Europe work in large production or warehouse halls, also support them when loading vans and are therefore deployed at loading ramps etc. They have all the requirements that production employees should meet:

In addition, our assistants from Romania have gained several years of experience as production employees abroad, many have a forklift license for work in the warehouse or logistics, and are hard-working and reliable. The activities of production assistants differ depending on the area of ​​application and industry.

Production assistant in the food industry

The food industry is an important area of ​​application for production helpers from Romania. Food is processed here after it has been harvested. When working in the food industry, certain basic knowledge is an advantage, which is usually listed in the career information and job offers. We place production employees from Romania and Eastern Europe for work in bread and baked goods factories, dairies, meat processing plants, canneries and beverage manufacturers. In addition, production employees in the food industry help with the production, packaging and storage of frozen products. We also provide hard-working assistants and skilled workers from Romania and Eastern Europe for bakeries and dairies.

Production assistant processing

The production aid processing is often found in industry such as metal or plastics processing. In these companies, goods made of metal or plastic are manufactured and processed. The automotive industry is also looking for production helpers for processing. We place production employees from Romania and Eastern Europe for the automotive industry: assembly of assemblies, quality control, Part feeder, Tool setting, Inspection and testing, Cabling and electrical work, Painting and coating etc. We leave experienced German-speaking production employees for industrial production, material handling, assembly and machine operation.

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We take care of the entire process: organization, administration, work permits, approvals, accommodation, meals, travel. You will receive a complete package with no additional surprises. Our Romanian assistants speak German, are quickly available and can be deployed flexibly. Are you interested in working with us? Contact us!

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Staff Personal anfragen

Production helper aus Osteuropa

Production helpers, shift workers, harvest workers or seasonal workers from Romania, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are in the food industry, packaging industry and in the automotive industry very popular, as there is a lot of production in this area in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

In the Baltics and Lithuania, on the other hand, the employees are very experienced in the area of ​​packaging of food and non-food as well the production of parts and products in the automotive industry. Every country has its own experience with production and logistics.

Benefit from our many years of experience when it comes to the topic of temporary employment, temporary work or simply temporary work from Eastern Europe goes.

Unsere Ihnen entsendeten Mitarbeiter sind von uns geschult und werden von uns vor der Entsendung aus Rumänien und Osteuropa auf Herz und Nieren geprüft.

Auch achten wir darauf das unsere Mitarbeiter keinen Alkohol trinken und auch gerne Überstunden machen. Zudem werden die Mitarbeiter vor Ort von unseren Projektmanagern oder Koordinatoren betreut in allen Angelegenheiten und auch am Wochenende sprich rund um die Uhr.