Recruitment of assistants from Eastern Europe

Personalvermittlung Osteuropa

Looking for workers from Eastern Europe, production employees & unskilled workers?

Zeitarbeit International, Ihre Personalvermittlung für Hilfskräfte und geschultes Personal aus Osteuropa, ist der richtige Ansprechpartner, wenn es um die – Vermittlung Produktionshelfer – und Rekrutierung von Personal für die Produktion & Fertigung unterschiedlichster Werkstoffe und Waren geht. Wir garantieren eine schnelle Personalbeschaffung durch unseren großen Netzwerk in Osteuropa. Gerne stellen wir Ihnen Teams zusammen, in denen einer oder mehrere Arbeiter aus Osteuropa Deutsch oder Englisch sprechen.

Do you want to achieve more efficiency in production and always have the right production staff? This is possible with Zeitarbeit International. As one of the leading personnel service providers in Europe, we place staff from Eastern Europe, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Baltic States and lend Employees from abroad to companies with personnel shortages. We are convinced that you as a company can benefit from personnel placement!

Vermittlung Produktionsmitarbeiter & Lagerarbeiter aus dem Ausland

Recruiting production assistants from Eastern Europe can be a useful option to meet labor needs in certain industries. We provide hard-working people Production employee and support staff from Poland, Czech Republic, Baltikum, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine. 

Recruitment of personnel from Eastern Europe

Advantages of personnel placement in Eastern Europe

  1. Larger applicant pool: recruitment from Eastern Europe expands the applicant pool, which increases the chance of finding qualified and experienced workers.

  2. Flexibility: recruitment from Eastern Europe allows companies to respond more flexibly to labor needs, especially in industries with seasonal fluctuations or a temporary need for workers.

  3. Cost efficiency: in some cases, labor from Eastern Europe may be more cost-effective, which can result in savings in labor costs.

  4. Linguistic variety: Eastern European workers can often speak multiple languages, which is an advantage in international companies and improves communication with customers and colleagues.

Finding workers in Eastern Europe: Our process

Tell us your staffing needs and we will make sure to meet them as quickly as possible. With us as your partner, you will find your urgently needed production employees, unskilled workers, warehouse staff, cleaning staff, etc. Whether Polish workers or workers from Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia or Ukraine, we will find the right workers from Eastern Europe for you.

  1. Define personnel requirements
  2. Receive suitable employee suggestions
  3. Make personnel selection
  4. Directions to the site

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Personalvermittlung Osteuropa

We at Zeitarbeit International specialize in personnel placement in Eastern Europe! We are a recruiter and recruit support staff from Eastern Europe for all industries. We find the personnel you are looking for successfully, quickly and cost-effectively. Would you like to find workers from Eastern Europe or unskilled workers from Eastern Europe and are you looking for a job agency for Eastern Europe? With us you get staff from Poland, Auxiliary workers from Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine and all of Eastern Europe.

Increase your sales now, complete your projects and make your customers happy. The workers from Eastern Europe to achieve their goals come from us. Regardless of whether you are looking for craftsmen, personnel for production and manufacturing, warehouse and logistics or catering, cleaning personnel or harvest helpers, with us you will find your personnel from Eastern Europe and employees from Eastern Europe. 

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