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    We place qualified personnel from Eastern Europe for production and manufacturing - quickly, cost-effectively and reliably!

    Are you looking for qualified production assistants but can't find suitable workers in Germany? We place production employees, production assistants & auxiliary personnel from Eastern Europe for the automotive industry, packaging industry, metal industry, construction industry, Electrical engineering and more. Our overseas production workers will help you with warehouse operations, packaging, machine operation, labeling and more! We place high-quality production employees and unskilled workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Baltic states, Romania, Turkey and the Ukraine.

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    We provide temporary workers and subcontractors from all industries

    As part of the temporary employment service, we place production workers from Eastern Europe, skilled workers and auxiliary staff for industrial manufacturing and production for all sectors. To do this, we use our large Europe-wide network as well as social recruiting campaigns to find production assistants for all sectors. Our goal is to provide you with production workers from Eastern Europe who meet your specific requirements in every sector. Rely on us to find the best workers from abroad for your company and to strengthen your production & manufacturing.

    produktionshelfer automobilindustrie

    Production employees for the production of vehicles or parts: body builders, painters, mechatronics engineers, etc. 

    We offer qualified production employees for the production of metal products: welders, casters and metal workers.

    For the electronics and electrical engineering industry, we offer production employees, electronics engineers, electrical engineers and electricians, etc.

    Industrial workers from Eastern Europe have become almost indispensable for German companies these days. 

    Produktionshelfer Chemie & Pharmaindustrie

    Pharma & Chemie

    Produktionshelfer für die Herstellung von Medikamenten und chemischen Produkten, Pharmatechniker, Chemielaboranten und Prozessingenieure etc.

    Produktionsmitarbeiter für Verpacken, Sortieren, Etikettieren,  Etiketten, Aufklebern oder Barcodes auf Verpackungen, Qualitätskontrolle etc.

    Wir bieten erfahrene Produktionsmitarbeiter für Zuschnitt Textilgewebe oder Materialien, Näharbeiten, Maschinenbedienung, Qualitätskontrolle etc.

    Für die Lebensmittelproduktion bieten wir qualifizierte Mitarbeiter für die Herstellung von Lebensmitteln, Bäckereien, Tiefkühlfabriken, Molkereien etc.

    We offer you:


    Time and cost savings

    You save time & reduce personnel costs with staff from Eastern Europe. We take care of organization, contracts, permits, travel and accommodation


    German-speaking staff

    Our workers from Eastern Europe speak German well enough and can be at work within 7 days.


    Legally secure mediation

    We only place temporary workers and subcontractors from Eastern Europe with certificates and good references. Our contracts are legally compliant and secure.

    Find staff in 4 steps:

    German-speaking staff at work within 7 days


    Staff Personal anfragen

    Let us know your personnel requirements - by telephone or using the inquiry form


    Create offer

    You will receive our offer within 24 hours on working days and 48 hours on weekends and public holidays.


    Find employees

    We use our database to search for suitable production assistants for your job.



    We take care of all documents, permits and contracts for legally compliant employee leasing.

    Production employees in all forms of employment

    We find production assistants for various forms of employment and contract models including:

    No matter what type of employment you need, we at Temporary Work International ensure that you get the right production employees at the right time.

    Personalvermittler aus Osteuropa

    Zeitarbeit International s.r.o.

    Strengthen industries, eliminate staff shortages in factories with us as your partner!

    Arbeitskräfte aus dem Ausland

    With over 35 years of experience in international temporary employment, we have, Zeitarbeit International s.r.o. has the experience and competence to place personnel from Eastern Europe for production and manufacturing.

    Our services:

    • temporary work
    • Contracts for work
    • Recruitment
    • On-site management

    Frequently asked Questions:

    Production employees are responsible for ensuring that the production of products at the manufacturing facility runs efficiently and smoothly. They often work in factories or production floors and perform a variety of tasks to ensure production goals are met.

    The main task of production employees is to operate machines and systems to produce the products. This means setting up machines, monitoring them and making small repairs if necessary to ensure they are working properly.

    A production assistant's salary can vary depending on location, experience, industry and company. In many cases, however, production assistants earn an hourly wage that is usually between 9 and 15 euros, depending on the factors mentioned.

    It's important to note that production assistants can often also receive bonuses or special payments for shift work, overtime, or certain qualifications, which can affect their overall income.

    There are also differences between industries. For example, production assistants in industries such as automotive, chemicals, or food may tend to receive higher salaries than in other industries.

    “Production worker” is generally not considered a stand-alone job, but rather an umbrella term for a variety of jobs in production or manufacturing. It is a broad category of workers who work in different industries and companies and can perform different tasks.

    The exact duties and responsibilities of a production associate can vary depending on the industry, company, and specific position. For example, a production employee may be responsible for operating machines, quality control, packaging products, assembling components or cleaning production facilities.

    The difference between a production employee and a production assistant often lies in the tasks, responsibilities and sometimes the level of experience.

    • Production employee often have a wider range of tasks and can take on more responsibility. They may be responsible for operating machines, controlling quality, adhering to production schedules, and possibly instructing production assistants. Production employees may have more experience, training, or specific qualifications for their role. For example, you may have received specialized training in machine operation or quality assurance.
    • Production helper usually support the production employees in their tasks. Their jobs can be simpler and often involve manual work such as packing products, cleaning machines or filling materials. Production assistants typically require less formal training or experience. They can often be instructed in the work and learn their tasks on site.
    • The salary of an unskilled production employee varies depending on the location, industry and company. In general, unskilled production workers can earn an hourly wage between around 9 and 12 euros. This hourly wage can vary depending on the region and industry.

      It is important to note that unskilled production workers often receive lower salaries than skilled workers or people with specific qualifications. Nevertheless, production jobs for unskilled employees often offer a good entry into the world of work and the opportunity to gain experience and further development.

    • In order to cover the shortage of production employees in Germany, many companies are recruiting workers from abroad. This can be done through targeted recruitment measures, language courses, cultural awareness and integration support. In addition, many companies offer flexible working models such as part-time, shift or home working to take into account different employee needs and appeal to a broader workforce potential.

    • Recruiting workers for production from abroad requires a targeted strategy and some specific steps. Here are some ways companies can find workers for production from abroad:

      1. Recruitment agencies and recruiters: Companies can turn to specialized recruitment agencies and recruiters who specialize in placing workers from abroad. These agencies can help find suitable candidates and support the recruitment process.

      2. Online job boards and social media: Companies can post job openings for production workers on international online job boards and social media platforms to attract potential candidates from abroad. This allows companies to reach a broader target group and actively search for qualified workers.

      3. Job fairs and recruiting events: Companies can take part in job fairs and recruiting events abroad to get in direct contact with potential candidates and present themselves as an attractive employer. Such events offer a good opportunity to build personal relationships and convince candidates.

    • There are several reasons why companies with production employees from Eastern Europe look:

      1. Lower labor costs: in some cases, labor costs for production workers from Eastern Europe may be lower than for local workers. This can help reduce the overall cost of production.

      2. Flexibility in workforce planning: production employees from Eastern Europe can be flexible in their working hours and may be willing to do shift work or overtime. This allows companies to plan their workforce more efficiently and reduce costs for overtime or additional work.

      3. Lower additional costs: some companies can benefit from lower additional costs if they employ production workers from Eastern Europe. These may include lower social security contributions, taxes or other work-related charges.

    • Finding suitable production employees can be a big challenge. But why is it so important to find the right employees? Quite simply: They are the heart of a successful company. Qualified and motivated production employeesand auxiliary workersForklift drivers, warehouse workers, packers, sorters contribute significantly to the efficiency and quality of production & manufacturing. Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, recruiting employees from abroad a promising opportunity to meet labor needs. But this process also presents its own challenges. Finding suitable candidates requires time, resources and know-how. This is where modern technologies come into play, which can help companies make the selection process more effective. From integrating new employees to long-term retention and motivation, it is crucial to take the right measures. Success stories already show that it is possible to find suitable production employees - and with our help you can also optimally complement your team. With the support of personnel service providers like us, you are guaranteed to get the right employees for your production.