Efficient order picking processes and the role of Eastern European temporary workers

Order picking in the warehouse is a central process in the logistics. It involves assembling goods according to customer orders. Efficient order picking saves time, reduces errors and increases customer satisfaction. What are the order picking processes in the warehouse? In this article we will look at the most important aspects of the work of order pickers in the warehouse and the advantages of using Eastern European subcontractors.

What is picking?

Order picking is the process of removing products from the warehouse and preparing them for shipment, assembling the goods according to the requirements of customer orders. There are various order picking methods, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.

Manual picking

In manual picking, warehouse workers remove the goods from the shelves. This method is flexible, but also time-consuming and prone to errors.

Semi-automatic order picking

Mechanical aids such as conveyor belts or order picking trolleys are sometimes used. This method is more efficient than the manual method, but still relies on human labor.

Fully automatic order picking

In fully automated systems, machines and robots take over the entire picking process. This method is the most efficient, but requires high initial investment and regular maintenance.

Advantages of picking in the warehouse

Efficient picking is a key area in logistics. Efficient picking offers many advantages:

  • Time saving: fast assembly of goods reduces delivery times.
  • Error reduction: automated systems reduce the error rate
  • Cost savings: efficient processes reduce operating costs.
  • Customer satisfaction: faster and error-free deliveries increase customer satisfaction.

These advantages optimize the entire warehouse logistics and increase business success.

Role of Eastern European temporary workers in order picking

Temporary workers from Eastern Europe play an important role in warehouse picking. They provide skilled workers and flexible solutions for companies. Here are some advantages of using temporary workers from Eastern Europe. Temporary workers from Eastern Europe often offer cheaper labor costs and many Eastern European workers have experience in logistics and picking.

Study on increasing efficiency in warehouses through modern technologies

A study by the market research institute EHI Retail Institute, published in "Warehouse Facts 2023", provides valuable insights into increasing efficiency in warehouses through the use of modern technologies. The study shows thatautomation and digitization in warehouse logistics can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Key findings of the study

  1. Automation: around 70% of the companies surveyed already use automated systems for order picking. This leads to a reduction in the error rate and a speeding up of processes.
  2. Digitalization: around 60% of companies have implemented digital tools for inventory management and process monitoring. These technologies improve transparency and enable better control of warehouse processes.
  3. Robotics: the use of robots in warehouse logistics is increasing. 45% of companies plan to invest in robot-assisted picking systems in the next few years to further increase efficiency.
  4. Training and further education: more than 50% of the companies surveyed emphasize the importance of training programs for their employees to optimize the use of new technologies.

The results of this study are particularly relevant for companies that use Eastern European subcontractors in warehouse logistics. Subcontractors from Eastern Europe can make a significant contribution to the implementation of these technological advances through their flexibility and cost efficiency.


Order picking in the warehouse is a crucial process that contributes significantly to efficiency and customer satisfaction. By using Eastern European subcontractors, companies can benefit from cost-effective and flexible solutions. Subcontractors from Eastern Europe offer valuable expertise and help to optimize order picking processes.

Warehouse picking, the use of temporary workers from Eastern Europe and the implementation of efficient systems are key factors forsuccess in modern logistics. Use the information above to improve your picking processes.

How Zeitarbeit International can help you with picking in the warehouse

Zeitarbeit International is an experienced partner that supports companies in the integration of Eastern European temporary workers in supported in the area of ​​order picking. We provide temporary workers from Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine for work in warehousing and Logistics. In addition, we provide forklift drivers from Eastern Europe, production worker, Production helper in temporary work. We offer comprehensive services to ensure that skilled workers are available and deployed efficiently. Our expertise includes:

  1. Recruiting experienced professionals from abroad: We find the best workers from Poland and Eastern Europe for your requirements.
  2. Work permits and visas: we take care of all necessary legal documents.
  3. Compliance with legal requirements: we ensure that all legal requirements are met.
  4. Efficient processes: with our support, your picking processes run smoothly and legally compliant.
  5. Cost efficiency and flexibility: you benefit from cost-efficient solutions and the flexibility of Eastern European subcontractors.

With our support, you can ensure that your order picking processes run optimally and your competitiveness is increased. If you need support, please feel free to contact us.

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