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We offer international temporary employment
Temporary workers from Eastern Europe for textile factories across Europe

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most important consumer goods sectors in Germany. It comprises all the companies and enterprises involved in the production of yarns from vegetable, animal and chemically produced fibers, twisted yarns, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and other textile fabrics such as cloth, felts, knitted fabrics and nonwovens as well as the entire field of textile finishing.

As in other sectors, there is a shortage of personnel in the textile industry. In particular, there is a shortage of production assistants and production workers in textile factories.We at Zeitarbeit International help companies to eliminate the shortage of unskilled workers. With the help of production workers from Eastern Europe: Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia, we help German companies to cover their personnel requirements. Our production assistants have production experience in the textile industry as well as flexibility, resilience and good German language skills. They are prepared to work in a 2-shift system.

Are you looking for production helpers for your company? We offer our customers temporary employment, work contracts and on-site management. Contact Contact us! We have hard-working production employees, machine operators and quality controllers for the following areas of responsibility:

Zeitarbeit in der Textilindustrie

Zeitarbeit International is the leading temporary employment agency that sees the hiring out of temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, third countries, the Baltics and Ukraine as the core of its business.

The largest The advantage of temporary employment for our customers is that we assume all obligations towards the employee and manage the entire necessary process, from selection to recruitment to temporary employment. We organize temporary work in accordance with existing laws and regulations that regulate temporary work.

Wir vermitteln zuverlässige und erfahrene Produktionsmitarbeiter aus Polen, Tschechien, Slowakei, Ungarn, Rumänien sowie der Ukraine, Bulgarien, die baltischen Staaten (Litauen, Lettland, Estland) und andere.

  1. Fachkräftemangel zu beseitigen

  2. Exchange of specialized skills and experience in areas such as metalworking, mechanical engineering, electronics, textile industry.

  3. Increase in cost efficiency

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