Effects of the shortage of skilled workers on German companies: problems in filling vacancies, production losses, rising personnel and recruiting costs

The lack of skilled workers in production is a major challenge for German manufacturing companies.

The lack of skilled workers disrupts operations and affects the long-term competitiveness of companies. Companies have difficulty filling important positions in production. This leads to production delays and production restrictions. At the same time, the costs of recruiting and retaining employees are increasing.

To effectively address this problem, it is important to define the nature of this shortage and identify the key challenges, while exploring strategies to mitigate its impact.

Reasons for problems in filling vacancies

Filling vacancies with qualified specialists is a challenge. This is mainly due to the lack of applicants with the required skills and specializations and because of the strong competition with other industries.

Lack of qualifications and specializations of the applicants

Many applicants lack the specific skills and expertise required for manufacturing jobs, making the hiring process difficult for companies looking for highly qualified staff.

Competition with other industries for skilled workers

German companies are in intense competition with various industries that are also looking for skilled workers. This leads to a limited pool of available talent. This makes it difficult to attract qualified people to production.

Effects of the shortage of skilled workers

Increased costs

Staff shortages have a direct impact on production schedules and production volumes. This leads to disruptions in manufacturing processes and the supply chain. This can result in higher costs and missed revenue opportunities.

Production standstill – skilled workers lack

The inability to fill vacancies in production and manufacturing can cause significant disruption to production. This disruption leads to lower productivity and delays in achieving production targets.

Risks to reputation and customer loyalty

The lack of skilled workers in production can also affect the company's reputation. This can lead to delayed order processing and poor quality control. In this way, customer trust and loyalty, i.e. the overall reputation, are damaged. And the weakened reputation of the company poses a long-term risk to the company's viability.

Why is direct permanent employment not the right solution?

Hiring permanent employees can lead to a significant increase in personnel, recruitment and employment costs for German companies. This includes costs related to salaries, benefits, training and continuous development.

Strategy to solve the problem of shortage of skilled workers in production

To mitigate this increase in costs, many companies are turning to temporary workers or contractors, who provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution. temporary work offers companies the opportunity to increase their workforce as needed. At the same time, fixed labor costs are reduced and the recruitment costs associated with hiring permanent employees are minimized.

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In summary, the shortage of skilled workers in the production sector represents a major challenge for German companies. It has enormous effects on productivity and competitiveness.

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